100包扬美中药泡脚药包泡腳粉 Herbal Foot SPA





Shipping from Malaysia!
100 pcs inside every packet.

功效 - 补血,补气,改善肤色,美容养颜,抗衰老,消炎祛痰

功效 - 祛湿,散寒,除湿,温经,平喘,止咳,安胎

功效 - 改善睡眠,祛风驱寒,治疗感冒,减轻风湿和关节炎

功效 - 加热经络,消除寒热和湿热,改善睡眠,清除湿气,

Herbal Foot SPA Powder Mugwort/Angelica/Ginger/Saffron/ 6g x 100pax
*Foot Soak Healing Powers
Even as reflexology demonstrates, your entire body is represented by and connected to your feet. Therefore, caring for and nurturing your feet can bring health and well-being to all of your limbs and organs. Here are just a few health benefits that result when you immerse your feet in a relaxing hot water bath.

*A Foot Soak Increases Circulation
Soaking and cleansing your feet in hot water reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation, bringing congested blood to the dilated vessels in the feet and lower legs.

Ultimate relaxation may be one of the most obvious health benefits of foot soaks, but research shows that soaking your feet in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes per day can do wonders for your mood, your energy level, your sleeping habits and any aches and pains that affect you — in your feet and beyond.

1. Mugwort (艾草) - good for swollen, tired feet. Disperses cold and alleviates pain. Also helps with coughs.

2. Angelica (当归)-Warming meridians, removing cold, heat and dampness, improving sleep, clearing damp, warm body blood, improve sleep, reduce cold hands and feet.

3. Ginger (老姜) - warms the body, helps to relieve aches and pains. Relieves colds.

4. Saffron (藏红花) - Fatigue, low immune system, insomnia, rheumatism, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension,
hyperglycemia, coldness in extremities and etc.

Usage Take 1-2 bags into the water, rubbing the drug dissolved in water, soak for 20-30 minutes. (For external use only, NOT for intake)
Note: Not allowed for pregnant, skin allergies and with wounder

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