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功效 - 补血,补气,改善肤色,美容养颜,抗衰老,消炎祛痰,
产品成分 - 藏红花提取物,艾草提取物,苦参根粉,矿盐类。

功效 - 改善睡眠,祛风驱寒,治疗感冒,减轻风湿和关节炎,
产品成分 - 姜根粉,艾草提取物,苦参根粉,矿盐类。

功效 - 加热经络,消除寒热和湿热,改善睡眠,清除湿气,

功效 - 祛湿,散寒,除湿,温经,平喘,止咳,
产品成分 - 艾草提取物,苦参根粉,矿盐类。

1. Angelica (当归)-Warming meridians, removing cold, heat and dampness, improving sleep, clearing damp, warm body blood, improve sleep, reduce cold hands and feet.

2. Ginger (老姜) - warms the body, helps to relieve aches and pains. Relieves colds.

3. Saffron (藏红花) - Fatigue, low immune system, insomnia, rheumatism, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension,
hyperglycemia, coldness in extremities and etc.

4.Mugwort (艾草) - Good for swollen, tired feet. Disperses cold and alleviates pain, Remove dampness, disperse cold, dehumidify, warm menstruation, relieve asthma, relieve cough and etc.

Precautions for foot bath:
Soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. Soak your feet every day or every other day.
Especially remind the elderly to soak their feet for a shorter time, because the elderly will soak for too long, which may cause symptoms such as palpitation and sweating. So it is better for the elderly to soak for 15-20 minutes before going to bed.

The following symptoms should not be soaked:
People who are extremely tired and drunk, those with infectious diseases such as pneumonia and fever, or those with acute diseases, severe heart and brain diseases and mental diseases, patients with acute infectious diseases, such as Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, etc., and those who have damaged or burned foot skin , Bronchiectasis and bleeding, patients with cerebral hemorrhage should not soak their feet, pregnant women are not recommended to use this product.



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